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Radiometer Equation Equation that describes the telescope sensitivity Dewey et al. (1984)
FFT Fast Fourier Transform Cooley & Tukey (1965)
FFA Fast Folding Algorithm Staelin (1969)
Kondratiev et al. (2009)
Cameron et al. (2017)
PRESTO Description of PRESTO in Scott Ransom's PhD Thesis Ransom (2001)
Acceleration search On the detectability of pulsars in close binary systems Johnston & Kulkarni (1991)
Phase-modulation binary Searching Sideband searching and 10% rule in the constant acceleration approximation Jouteux et al. (2002)
Ransom et al. (2003)
Detectability of eccentric binaries Bagchi et al. (2013)
AI and Machine Learning Candidate selection Eatough et al. (2010)
Lee et al. (2013)
Morello et al. (2014)
Zhu et al. (2014)
Lyon et al. (2016)
Devine et al. (2016)
COBRA Bayesian approach to pulsar searching Lentati et al. (2018)
GPU FDAS GPU-accelerated Fourier Domain Acceleration Search Dimoudi et al. (2018)


FFTFIT Fourier-domain based profile cross-correlation for ToA extraction Taylor (1992)
TEMPO Pulsar timing package Taylor & Weisberg (1989)
TEMPO2 Timing model and precision estimates Edwards, Hobbs & Manchester (2006)
General Timing Models Damour & Deruelle (1985)
Damour & Deruelle (1986)
Damour & Taylor (1991)
Damour & Taylor (1992)
Kopeikin (1994)
Shklovskii Effect Spin and orbital period change due to the pulsar transverse velocity Shklovskii (1970)
Binary Model BT Simple Keplerian model of the orbit Blandford & Teukolsky (1976)
Binary Model ELL1 Simple Keplerian model suitable for very low eccentricities Lange et al. (2001)
Binary Model DD Theory-independent binary model (good for testing theories of gravity) Damour & Deruelle (1986)
Binary Model DDFWHE Weisberg & Huang (2016)
Binary Model DDK Kopeikin (1995)
Kopeikin (1996)
FD Model Frequency-Dependent Profile Evolution Arzoumanian et al. (2015)
Shapiro delay Shapiro (1964)
Backer & Hellings (1986)
Annual and Orbital Parallaxes Kopeikin (1995)
Proper Motion and $\dot{x}$ Kopeikin (1996)
2D-template matching Liu et al. (2014)
Pennucci et al. (2014)
DM variations Backer et al. (1993)
You et al. (2007)
Keith et al. (2013)
Lee et al. (2014)
Lam et al. (2015)
Lam et al. (2016)


Stokes Paramaters Parameters to describe the polarization state of light Stokes (1851)
Jones Calculus Jones (1941a)
Jones (1941b)
Jones (1941c)
IAU/IEEE IAU/IEEE definitions of the Stokes parameters. Hamaker & Bregman (1996)
PSR/IEEE PSR/IEEE definitions of the Stokes parameters. Kraus (1866)
IAU/IEEE - PSR/IEEE comparison van Straten et al. (2010)
RVM Rotating Vector Model Radhakrishnan & Cooke (1969)
Komesaroff (1970)
Polarimetric Invariant Profile Britton (2000)
Measurement Equation Modeling (MEM) Calibration method based on multiple obsevations of a reference pulsar taken at many HA's van Straten (2004)
Matrix Template Matching (MTM) Technique that uses the full polarimetric information to extract TOAs. Can also be used to calibrate data. van Straten (2006)
Measurement Equation Template Matching (METM) Calibration method based on a single observation of a reference pulsar van Straten (2013)
RM Syntesis Burn (1966)
Brentjens & de Bruyn (2005)
Heald (2009)
ionFR Code for modelling the ionospheric contribution to the Rotation Measure Sotomayor-Beltran et al. (2013)
OPMs Orthogonal Polarization Modes Backer et al. (1976)
Rankin et al. (1974)
Manchester et al. (1975)


L&V - Molonglo A search of the galactic plane for high dispersion pulsars (31 new pulsars) Large & Vaughan (1971)
H&T Arecibo A deep sample of new pulsars and their spatial extent in the Galaxy (40 new pulsars) Hulse & Taylor (1975)
Davies - Jodrell Bank The galactic distribution of pulsars (39 new pulsars) Davies et al. (1973)
MOLONGLO-2 The Second Molonglo pulsar survey Manchester et al. (1978)
PADSS The Princeton-Arecibo Declination-Strip Survey Camilo et al. (1996)
GBNSS The Green Bank Northern Sky Survey for Fast Pulsar Sayer et al. (1997)
GBT350 The Green Bank Telescope 350 MHz Drift-scan survey I - Boyles et al. (2013)
I - Lynch et al. (2013)
A430IGS Arecibo 430 MHz Intermediate Galactic Latitude Survey Navarro et al. (2003)
PSPS The Parkes Southern Pulsar Survey I - Manchester et al. (1996)
II - Lyne et al. (1998)
III - D'Amico et al. (1998)
PASURV The Perseus Arm Pulsar Survey Burgay et al. (2013)
PMPS The Parkes Multibeam Pulsar Survey I - Manchester et al. (2001)
II - Morris et al. (2002)
III - Kramer et al. (2003)
IV - Hobbs et al. (2004)
V - Faulkner et al. (2004)
VI - Lorimer et al. (2006)
VII - Lorimer et al. (2015)
PH The Parkes High Latitude Pulsar Survey Burgay et al. (2006)
HTRU-S The High Time Resolution Survey - South I - Keith et al. (2010)
II - Bates et al. (2011)
III - Burke-Spolaor et al. (2011)
IV - Keith et al. (2012)
V - Burke-Spolaor et al. (2012)
VI - Bates et al. (2012)
VII - Burgay et al. (2013)
VIII - Levin et al. (2013)
IX - Tiburzi et al. (2014)
X - Ng et al. (2014)
XI - Bates et al. (2015)
XII - Ng et al. (2015)
XIII - Cameron et al. (2018)
XIV - Morello et al. (2019)
XV - Burgay et al. (2019)
HTRU-N The High Time Resolution Survey - North I - Barr et al. (2013)
PALFA Arecibo Pulsar Survey Using ALFA I - Cordes et al. (2006)
II - Lorimer et al. (2006)
III - Swiggum et al. (2014)
IV - Lazarus et al. (2015)
RRATs - Deneva et al. (2009)
A0327 Arecibo All-sky 327 MHz Drift Pulsar Survey I - Deneva et al. (2013)
II - Deneva et al. (2016)
GBNCC The Green Bank Northern Celestial Cap Pulsar Survey I - Stovall et al. (2014)
II - Kawash et al. (2018)
III - Lynch et al. (2018)
SUPERB The SUrvey for Pulsars and Extragalactic Radio Bursts I - Keane et al. (2017)
II - Bhandari et al. (2018)
III - Caleb et al. (2018)
GHRSS The GMRT High Resolution Southern Sky Survey for Pulsars and Transients I - Bhattacharyya et al. (2016)
LPPS The LOFAR pilot surveys for pulsars and fast radio transients I - Coenen et al. (2014)
LOTAAS The LOFAR Tied-Array All-Sky Survey I - Sanidas et al. (2019)

Pulsar Timing Arrays

Hellings & Downs curve Prediction of the expected cross-correlation of the residuals of pulsars in various sky positions Hellings & Downs (1983)
EPTA The European Pulsar Timing Array and the Large European Array for Pulsars Kramer & Champion (2013)
PPTA The Parkes Pulsar Timing Array Hobbs (2013)
NANOgrav The North American Nanohertz Observatory for Gravitational Waves McLaughlin (2013)
IPTA The International Pulsar Timing Array Manchester (2013)
PPTA Data Release 1 (DR1) Manchester et al. (2013)
EPTA Data Release 1 (DR1) Desvignes et al. (2016)
IPTA Data Release 1 (DR1) Verbiest et al. (2016)
LEAP The Large European Array for Pulsars Bassa et al. (2016)

Gravity Tests

General Relativity Einstein's theory of gravity Einstein (1915)
First confirmation of GR Einstein's theory of gravity Eddington (1919)
Brans-Dicke Alternative theory of Gravity Brans & Dicke (1961)
TEVES (?) Tensor-multi-scalar theories of gravitation Damour & Esposito-Farese (1992)
Most stringent test of GR Test with the Double Pulsar Kramer et al. (2006)
Pulsar-Black hole binaries Liu et al. (2014)

Globular Clusters

Reviews on Pulsars in GC Pulsars in Globular Clusters
Twenty Years of Searching for (and Finding) Globular Cluster Pulsars
Pulsars in Globular Clusters
The pulsar population in Globular Clusters and in the Galaxy
Pulsars in Globular Clusters with the SKA
Camilo & Rasio (2005)
Ransom (2008a)
Ransom (2008b)
Freire (2013)
Hessels et al. (2015)
X-ray Binaries in GCs Clark et al. (1975)

ISM & Galaxy

Thin Screen Model Simplest model to explain observed scattering and scintillation in pulsars Scheuer (1968)
NE2001 Electron Density model of the Milky Way Cordes & Lazio (2002a)
Cordes & Lazio (2002b)
YMW16 New Electron Density model of the Milky Way, refinement of NE2001 Yao et al. (2016)
Scattering Timescale Empirical relation between DM and scattering timescale, as a function of frequency Bhat et al. (2004)
Milky Way gravitational potential McMillan (2017)


Chandrasekhar Limit Maximum mass that a WD can have Anderson (1929)
Chandrasekhar (1931a)
Chandrasekhar (1931b)
Chandrasekhar (1935)
Supernova Explosion How NS form
Heger et al. (2003)
Structure of the NS Oppenheimer & Volkoff (1939)
Tolman (1939)
Lattimer & Prakash (2001)
Antoniadis et al. (2013)
Steiner et al. (2013)
Maximum allowed NS mass 2.9 ${M}_\odot$ Kalogera & Baym (1996)
Recycling Model How MSPs form Alpar et al. (1982)
Radhakrishnan & Srinivasan (1982)
Bhattacharya & van den Heuvel (1991)
Podsiadlowski et al. (2002)
Papitto et al. (2013)
Spin-up line Shortest period that can be reached by spin-up due to accretion at the Eddington limit onto a NS Pringle & Rees (1972)
Formation of Pulsars − CO-WD systems Tauris et al. (2000)
Tauris, Langer & Kramer (2011)
Tauris, Langer & Kramer (2012)
Formation of Pulsars − He-WD systems Tauris & Savonije (1999)
Formation of eccentric pulsar-WD binaries Via rotationally-delayed accretion-induced collapse (RDAIC)
Via the interaction of the binary with a circumstellar disk
Freire & Tauris (2014)
Antoniadis (2014)
Ultra-stripped Type Ic Supernovae Tauris et al. (2013)
Tauris et al. (2015)
Formation of double neutron star systems Tauris et al. (2017)

X-ray / Gamma-Ray

First Accreting Millisecond Pulsar (AMXP) Wijnands & van der Klis (1998)
Chandra Pulsar Survey Kargaltsev et al. (2012)
LAT Fermi Large Area Telescope instrument Atwood et al. (2009)
1FGL 1st Fermi Large Area Telescope Source Catalog Abdo et al. (2010)
2FGL 2nd Fermi Large Area Telescope Source Catalog Nolan et al. (2012)
3FGL 3rd Fermi Large Area Telescope Source Catalog Acero et al. (2015)
First γ-ray pulsar in a GC J1823−3021A in NGC 6624 Freire et al. (2011)

Emission Mechanism

Pulsar Electrodynamics Goldreich & Julian (1969)
Spitkovsky (2004)
Pulsar Death Lines and Death Valley Chen & Ruderman (1993)
Toward an Empirical Theory of Pulsar Emission I - Morphological taxonomy
II - On the Spectral Behavior of Component Width
III - Mode changing, drifting subpulses, and pulse nulling
IV - Geometry of the core emission region
V - On the circular polarization in pulsar radiation
VI - The geometry of the conal emission region
VII - On the Spectral Behavior of Conal Beam Radii and Emission Heights
VIII - Subbeam Circulation and the Polarization-Modal Structure of Conal Beams
IX - On the Peculiar Properties and Geometric Regularity of Lyne and Manchester's "Partial Cone" Pulsars
X - On the Precursor and Postcursor Emission
XI - Understanding the Orientations of Pulsar Radiation and Supernova "Kicks"
I - Rankin (1983a)
II - Rankin (1983b)
III - Rankin (1986)
IV - Rankin (1990a)
V - Rankin (1990b)
VI - Rankin (1993a), Rankin (1993b)
VII - Mitra & Rankin (2002)
VIII - Rankin & Ramachandran (2003)
IX - Mitra & Rankin (2011)
X - Basu et al. (2015)
XI - Rankin (2015)
The Characteristics of Millisecond Pulsar Emission I - Spectra, Pulse Shapes, and the Beaming Fraction
II - Polarimetry
III - From Low to High Frequencies
I - Kramer et al. (1998)
II - Xilouris et al. (1998)
III - Kramer et al. (1999)
Origin of pulsar radio emission I - High frequency data. I - Kramer et al. (1997)
Spectrum of radio emission / Spectral indeces Maron et al. (2000)
Kramer et al. (1998)
Toscano et al. (1998)
Low-frequency spectral turnovers in pulsars Sieber (1973)
GHz spectral turnovers in pulsars Kijak et al. (2007)
Kijak et al. (2011)
Rajwade et al. (2016)
Two-Dimensional Structure of Pulsar Beams Gil et al. (1993)
Structure of pulsar beams: Conal versus patchy Kijak & Gil (2002)


First Pulsar Discovered Pulsar PSR B1919+21 Hewish et al. (1968)
Pilkington et al. (1968)
First Binary Pulsar Discovered Pulsar PSR B1913+16 ("Nobel Prize" pulsar) Hulse & Taylor (1975)
First Millisecond Pulsar Discovered Pulsar PSR B1937+21 Backer et al. (1982)
First Radio Pulsar in a Globular Cluster Discovered Pulsar PSR B1821−24A in M28 Lyne et al. (1987)
First γ-ray pulsar in a GC Pulsar PSR J1823−3021A in NGC 6624 Freire et al. (2011)
Fastest Pulsar Known Eclipsing binary pulsar PSR J1748−2446ad in Terzan 5 (spin frequency of 716 Hz) Hessels et al. (2006)
Slowest Pulsar Known Isolated pulsar PSR J0250+5854 (spin period of 23.535 s) Tan et al. (2018)
Most Massive Pulsar Known PSR J0348+0432 Antoniadis et al. (2013)
Least Massive Neutron Star known 1.174 +/- 0.004 M$_\odot$ in the companion of PSR J0453+1559 Martinez et al. (2015)
Most eccentric binary pulsar known Martinez et al. (2015)
Pulsar with highest NS birth mass PSR J2222-0137 Cognard et al. (2017)
Most Polarized Pulsar Known PSR B1929+10 Phillips (1990)
Rankin & Rathnasree (1997)
Brightest and Closest Millisecond Pulsar Known PSR J0437−4715 Johnston et al. (1993)
Double Pulsar PSR J0737−3039A/B Burgay et al. (2003)
Lyne et al. (2004)
Kramer et al. (2006)
Extra-Galactic Pulsars Pulsars discovered in the Small and Large Magellanic Clouds Crawford et al. (2001)
Camilo et al. (2006)
First Rotating Radio Transient McLaughlin et al. (2006)
First Magnetar Discovered Duncan & Thompson (1992)
First Magnetar Visible in Radio Discovered Camilo et al. (2006)
Highest Frequency Detection of a Radio Pulsar Magnetar SGR J1745-2900 detected at 225 GHz Torne et al. (2015)


WSRT Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescope, located near Westerbork, The Netherlands Baars & Hooghoudt (1974)
IRAM 30-m The IRAM 30-m millimeter radio telescope located on Pico Veleta, near Granada, Spain Baars et al. (1987)
LOFAR Low Frequency Array, located in France, Germany, The Netherlands, England, Sweden van Haarlem et al. (2013)
Stappers et al. (2011)
SRT 64-m single-dish telescope located in Sardinia, Italy Bolli et al. (2015)
GMRT Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope array located in Maharashtra, India Swarup (1991)
uGMRT Upgraded Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope array located in Maharashtra, India Gupta et al. (2017)
eGMRT Expanded Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope array located in Maharashtra, India Petra et al. (2019)
LWA Long Wavelength Array located in New Mexico, USA Kassim et al. (2010)
MWA Murchison Widefield Array located in South Murchison, Australia Mitchell et al. (2010)
FAST Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope located in China Smits et al. (2009)
Nan et al. (2011)
CHIME Ng (2017)
MeerKAT Array of sixty-four 13.5-m dishes located in South Africa Booth & Jonas (2012)
SKA Square Kilometre Array located in South Africa and Australia Garrett et al. (2010)
Combes (2015)


PMB Parkes Multi-beam receiver Staveley-Smith et al. (1996)
UWL Ultra-Wideband Low-frequency at Parkes Manchester (2015)


FITS formats Flexible Image Transport System Pence et al. (2010)
PSRFITS formats Flexible Image Transport System for Pulsar Observations Hotan et al. (2004)
Nyquist-Shannon sampling theorem Theorem that states that a signal that contains a maximum frequency $f$ must be sampled at the frequency $2 f$ in order not to lose information Nyquist (1928)
Shannon (1949)
Coherent dedispersion Technique to completely remove the intra-channel dispersive smearing Hankins & Rickett (1975)
Coherent dedispersion at GMRT Pipeline used at the GMRT to do coherent dedispersion in real time De & Gupta (2016)
GUPPI / PUPPI GBT / Arecibo Ultimate Pulsar Processing Instrument DuPlain et al. (2008)
GASP / ASP GBT / Arecibo Astronomical Signal Processor Demorest (2007)
BCPMs GBT Backend Backer et al. (1997)
Spigot GBT Backend Kaplan et al. (2005)
Penn State Pulsar Machine (PSPM) Arecibo Backend Cadwell (1997)
Princeton Mark III Arecibo Backend Stinebring et al. (1992)
Princeton Mark IV Arecibo Backend Stairs et al. (2000)
XCOR (?) Arecibo Backend Cordes (1988)
ABPP Arecibo Backend Backer et al. (1997)
CBR Arecibo Backend Jenet et al. (1997)
WAPP Arecibo Backend Dowd et al. (2000)
EPOS Effelsberg Backend Jessner (1996)
EBPP Effelsberg Backend Backer et al. (1997)
PSRIX Effelsberg Backend Lazarus et al. (2016)
PuMa-I Westerbork Backend Voûte et al. (2002)
PuMa-II Westerbork Backend Karuppusamy et al. (2008)
CPSR2 Parkes Backend Bailes (2003)
Hotan (2007)
HIPSR Parkes Backend Price et al. (2017)
A Wideband Digital Back-End uGMRT Backend Reddy et al. (2017)
SARDARA SRT Backend Melis et al. (2018)
ARTEMIS LOFAR Software Backend Karastergiou et al. (2015)


PSRCAT ATNF Radio Pulsar Catalogue Manchester et al. (2005)
SIGPROC Time-domain pulsar search package Ransom (2001)
PRESTO Description of PRESTO in Scott Ransom's PhD Thesis Ransom (2001)
DSPSR van Straten & Bailes (2011)
PSRCHIVE Hotan et al. (2004)
van Straten et al. (2012)
TEMPO2 Hobbs et al. (2006)
Edwards et al. (2006)
PSRPOPPy An open-source package for pulsar population simulations Bates et al. (2014)

Planetary Ephemerides

DE405 Solar System Ephemeris Standish (1998)
DE421 Solar System Ephemeris Folkner et al. (2009)
DE430 Solar System Ephemeris Folkner et al. (2014)
Structure and Kinematics of the Milky Way Reid et al. (2014)